Best Greenhouse Thermometer and Hygrometer In 2023

If you are a greenhouse enthusiast, you will ruin your crop and ambition without a greenhouse thermometer. It is a vital accessory for all those whole love to maintain their greenhouse. It the highly essential to monitor the temperature evolutions in your greenhouse. we will help you in growing crops without damaging them. Therefore, it is vital to have the Best greenhouse thermometer and hygrometer. Temperature and humidity are critical and essential variable in plant development.  Luckily, both variables are easy to measure as all you need is a digital and a Best greenhouse thermometer and hygrometer.

If you plan to fulfill your desire to grow your own plants, then there are certain things you need to look for. The first is you must have reasonable control over the growth process of your plant. The second is that you must use good chemicals that are mainly used to keep bugs and insects away. Using the Best greenhouse thermometer and hygrometer is a useful option that will help you grow your own plants.

Finding the right greenhouse temperature and humidity monitor can be a challenge, and we know that is the main reason you are reading this review. You do not have to worry as we are here to help you find the right gadget that fits your space and help you grow your own plants.

Should you need assistance, we then recommend leaping forward to our buying guide that lists important things to think about when buying a Greenhouse Thermometer.

Best Greenhouse Thermometer And Hygrometer Comparison Table

Digital Wireless Hygrometer Temperature
1Our Pick
ThermoPro TP65A Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Digital Wireless Hygrometer Temperature
  • Range: 200 ft Range
  • LCD Display:4 inches large LCD
  • EPlacement: tabletop, wall-mountable, and magnetic back design
AcuRite Monitor for Greenhouse
AcuRite Monitor for Greenhouse
  • Range: 330 ft
  • LCD Display:3.0 inches
  • EPlacement:Use it on the Table or Use the Wall-Hanging Hole
Digital Hygrometer Indoor
ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Room
  • Range: 500 ft
  • LCD Display:2.5 inches
  • EPlacement:Attach to a fridge, place on a table
SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/
Hygrometer for iPhone/Android
SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/
Hygrometer for iPhone/Android
  • Range:325 feet
  • LCD Display:1.57in x 1.57in x 0.65in
  • EPlacement: Place it anywhere
Govee wifi Temperature Humidity Sensor, Works with Alexa
Govee wifi Temperature Humidity Sensor, Works with Alexa
  • Range: 328 Ft
  • LCD Display:Dimension: 3.01 x 2.06 x 0.9 inches
  • EPlacement: Comes with a Stand

Top 5 Best Greenhouse Thermometer and Hygrometer Review in 2023

To find the Best greenhouse thermometer and hygrometer, you must know which specifications and features look for wifi, Bluetooth, option, digital gadget, and device range. Sometimes it gets complicated if you have so many options and choose one from your choices. Therefore, we have come with only the 5 best greenhouse thermometer on amazon so that you can choose wisely.

There are many greenhouse thermometer options to choose from, but only some are the best and fulfill the purpose.  While considering that the greenhouse thermometer cost is essential, it is also important not to overlook other factors. The following is an elaborative research session that we have compiled for all greenhouse enthusiasts. You have the five options to consider in this review.

1. ThermoPro TP65A Indoor Thermometer Digital Wireless Hygrometer Temperature

Digital Wireless Hygrometer Temperature

There is a sizeable backlit touchscreen in this digital greenhouse thermometer. The screen size is 4 inches, which is a large display size with LCD features. This helps in making both indoor and outdoor weather station easier to read. There are dim light conditions, which is also incredible to use.

The Wireless functionality available in this thermometer to monitor the temperature and humidity easier. You can measure the temperature and humidity in percentages as well. There are 3 outdoor remote sensors in the thermometer simply to monitor multiple locations. You can set the temperature reading to both °f or °c.

There are also Maximum and minimum records that record 24 hours temperature and humidity percentages on the greenhouse temperature gauge. This thermometer range is 200ft/60m, which is a capable and robust signal penetration. You can place this gadget on the tabletop, you can mount it on a wall-mountable because of the magnetic back design.

There are also multiple placement options like you can place this digital outdoor thermometer on any metal surface. You can also hang the device with the help of a hole for hooks. This greenhouse thermometer wireless serves the purpose of flying color, and you won’t regret it after buying it.

Highlighted Features

– It has a 4 inches LCD display.
– You can place this gadget on a table or can mount it on a wall.
– The range of this greenhouse thermometer is 200ft/60m.
– It is a wireless greenhouse thermometer.
– You can measure the temperature and humidity in percentage too.


  • Simple to use.
  • Wireless Thermometer.
  • 4-inches display.
  • The range is Great.
  • Fast Gadget.


  • Sometimes gives False Reading.
  • Slight a Sensitive Gadget.

2. AcuRite Monitor for Greenhouse

AcuRite Monitor for Greenhouse

The accuracy of this Best greenhouse thermometer and hygrometer is fantastic. This thermometer and humidity monitor work as a sensor that offers professional-level accuracy and provides accurate data. As for the Data measurements part is concerned, you will get the update after every 10 seconds. The easy-to-read digital display will help you in making a difference in your greenhouse improvement. The Calibration Feature is a manual of this thermometer. The monitor screen of this gadget is manually calibrated only to improve all the data readings.

You will be asked to read the product’s instruction manual because it will guide you through the step-by-step calibration process. The Humidity Level Indicator is also amazingly fast. This sensor measures not only the indoor humidity levels but also measures the room conditions as well. It usually ranges from 1% – 99% RH, and by using the large and bold number, you can easily monitor their temperature condition.

You can monitor the humidity levels with the help of a colorful display bar. There are several Mounting Options in this AcuRite Monitor for Greenhouse. Using this thermometer for the indoor room will help you significantly impact your personal comfort and health. If the Humidity level is exceptionally high, then it can lead to home pollutants. These pollutants can be mold, dust mites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Other than this, the high humidity levels mean your health condition are also at stake, like it can cause nose bleeding, skin irritation, and even difficulty breathing.

With the help of this Professional and Accurate Temperature and Humidity Monitor, you can monitor your greenhouse temperature levels and humidity levels. Still, you can use it for your personal use. It is imperative to be aware of whether the environment you are breathing in is even safe or not.

Highlighted Features

– It is a professional and accurate greenhouse thermometer and hygrometer.
– It will help you in examining the environment for your health.
Data measure updates after every 10 seconds in this thermometer.
– It is a fast gadget to save your greenhouse from humidity.
– It has an easy to read digital screen


  • Easy to Use.
  • Comes with a Manual.
  • Fast Reading.
  • Update after every 10 seconds.
  • 3,0 inches screen.


  • Screen Distortion.
  • Not stable when in a standing position.

3. ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Room

Digital Hygrometer Indoor

This is an Air Comfort Indicator thermometer and a Humidity meter. This calculates the humidity level with the help of an icon that indicates air condition too. There is three central air condition aspect, which is DRY, COMFORT, and WET. With just a quick glance, this humidity sensor allows you to ensure awareness of any small or significant changes to your household.

It gives high accuracy and a quick refresh. If you look at the thermometer’s inside, you will encounter the high accurate values of ±2~3%RH and ±1°F. This makes the gadget an ideal one for measuring the fluctuating and unstable readings in a greenhouse. As for the data measurements are concerned, you will get an update after every 10 seconds in this accurate hygrometer digital thermometer, it displays both the high and low temperature and humidity.

After using this stunning greenhouse thermometer, you will not only have a healthier home but also have a clean environment. This monitor ensures that you get proper indoor humidity environment control to prevent some significant skin allergies. There are multiple uses of this gadget as a refrigerator thermometer, reptile thermometer, soil thermometer, freezer thermometer, humidor hygrometer, and more.

Highlighted Features

– The range of this gadget is vast.
– You can use this thermometer as a refrigerator thermometer, reptile thermometer, and more.
– It helps you in achieving a suitable humid environment.
– This device gives an update after every 10 seconds.
– It calculates the air condition level too.


  • Fast Device.
  • Multiple Uses.
  • Update after 10 Seconds.
  • Gives 3 Air Condition Levels.
  • Control Humidity Level.


  • Sometimes Gives Inaccurate Result.
  • Reading has some Issues.

4. SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer for iPhone/Android

Wireless Thermometer/

Say You are busy, and also you need to take care of your environment in which you are living. What to do? It is vital to understand that proper temperature and humidity are everything and help you create a healthy environment. SensorPush is the answer to all your questions, and the best part of this gadget is that it is a greenhouse thermometer wifi. This Smart Sensor is compact like a small box, and it is also easy to use. You will only need to download the application on your mobile phone, and it will only take a few moments to install and give you a report of every minute.

The Wireless Range is everything in a wifi supported thermometer and Humidity sensor. This gadget has a wireless range of 100 meters, and it is a useful range device. After the test case, a wood-framed 2,600 square foot place with a  2-story home, this device’s sensors are so smart that you can read the reading virtually from anywhere, and even if you are standing outside your home, it will work like magic.

As for the wet conditions and having this fantastic sensor, you would like to know this situation as well. Like most humidity and temperature measuring devices, this Smart Sensor is not waterproof. However, with little care, you can use this device outside too.

We know that Dry air is unbearable and extremely bad for the health. We know that when the air is not clean, there is a high chance of Virus spreading. Skin issues are also at the peak when the air is dry. Your eyes will dry out, and it will also cause discomfort to your skin. The risk is even greater for having an infection. However, you can prevent all these from happening by only having this smart sensor. It is a Bluetooth greenhouse thermometer to make things easier for you.

Highlighted Features

– The wireless range of this gadget is 100 meters.
– You can connect Bluetooth to make things easier for you.
– The temperature range of this gadget is -40°C – 60°C.
– It is compatible with both iOS 11+, Android 5.1.
– The humidity accuracy of this device is ±3% typical ±4.5% maximum.


  • Wireless Connectivity is Available.
  • Bluetooth Option.
  • Accurate Reading.
  • Fast Device.
  • Compact Size.


  • Customer Service is not great.
  • Sometimes give inconsistent results.

5. Govee Wi-Fi Temperature Humidity Sensor, Works with Alexa

Govee Wi-Fi Temperature Humidity Sensor, Works with Alexa

The best functionality of this stunning gadget is that it works amazingly with Alex. You can have accurate temperature and humidity readings by only using your voice and command it. It is a tremendous Bluetooth greenhouse thermometer. There is also another great feature of this device is that it is wifi supported Wireless Monitor. If you have wifi at your place, all you need to connect it with the device and enjoy this gadget’s perks. It is a sensitive and Accurate Govee Wifi Temperature Sensor. It is equipped with fantastic temperature readings that are accurate to ±0.3°C. The humidity level is concerned; it ranges from ±3%RH.

You will be notified instantly if the temperature goes up or down. The Data Storage of this stunning gadget saves the data for 20-day and 2 years if you have saved the information on cloud data storage. The Stored data is usually displayed as curved graphs to have a clear and precise observation.

It is no longer a problem to monitor the temperature and humidity data by downloading the application on your mobile phone. It is known as the best wifi thermometer for the greenhouse because of the features like Alexa, Data storage, and wifi ability. You can use 3 AAA batteries to make it work like magic. The dimension of this Govee wifi Temperature Humidity Sensor is 3.01 x 2.06 x 0.9 inches. You can use this gadget to monitor the temperature and humidity in your House, Greenhouse, and even in a Wine Cellar.

Highlighted Features

– This Govee sensor works with Alexa.
– You can connect to the wifi for the best result.
– You can see the reading on the LCD and even on your phone.
– Use a 3 AAA battery to make it work.
– The data storage of this device is 2 years on cloud storage.


  • Bluetooth Option.
  • Wireless Connectivity.
  • Fast Gadget.
  • Accurate Result.
  • Easy to USe.


  • 5G wifi Not Supported.
  • Sometimes Give misleading results.

How To Choose Best Greenhouse Thermometer And Hygrometer Buying Guide

There are thousands of Best greenhouse thermometers and hygrometers that you can choose from. However, we know that choosing a hygrometer and a thermometer is a daunting task. It requires a lot of research and time, which is hard to find.

There are four significant factors they should consider for the buyers who are planning to buy a useful gadget for their greenhouse.


First of all, the user needs to decide why they will use the hygrometer and thermometer. For example, if they plan to buy for home usage, for your greenhouse, for an industrial setting.

If you are using a thermometer and hygrometers for home, then even if the gadget is not giving 100% result, it is alright as humidity will be measured in the house’s multiple rooms. If one plans to use the device outside, like for a greenhouse, it is essential to use a weather station. It is also necessary to use a metal greenhouse thermometer to protect the gadget from rain.

Wireless Remote Access

One of the essential requirements for buying a gadget is that it should be wireless. This type of greenhouse temperature monitor Remote are top recommendation to monitor your greenhouse’s temperature and humidity.

The best part of a wireless gadget is seeing the humidity levels anywhere on your smartphone. Best of all, with a wireless monitor, is that you can easily set the alarms. This will help you get the notification instantly even when the temperature or humidity reaches low or exceeds the limit.

You can also view the historical data, which will allow you to spot trends, and you can also identify the issues if any.

Another significant part of the device is that you can connect with wifi or you can use Bluetooth. You can view conditions from anywhere at any time and receive alerts. However, this condition of having a wireless thermometer is the most convenient way to monitor your greenhouse condition.


When buying a hygrometer, another essential thing that a user must know that accuracy is the most important one to look for. The specification must include digital units, i.e., readings in +/- RH. Such kinds of ratings should be considered to have an accurate result.

Many factors should also be considered as the power source, user interface, and data logging. Another essential thing is to know is the historical data to keep an eye on the readings.


When it comes to buying the best wifi thermometer for a greenhouse, it is highly mandatory to look for the gadget’s price. Usually, what happens is that these gadgets are often costly.

However, some brands are offering a reasonable price for the gadget. Therefore, it is mandatory to do proper research in terms of cost.

FAQ of Greenhouse Thermometer and Hygrometer

Q. Are Thermometers Prone To Rusting?

No, thermometers are not prone to rusting since they are frequently built of rust-resistant materials like glass or stainless steel. However, a thermometer can rust over time if it has exposed metal parts or is not properly maintained.

Q. How Do I Install The Thermometers?

Simply insert the battery into the gadget. If it is a wireless gadget, then the next step is to connect the wifi or Bluetooth. The next step is to set the reading, and there you go.

Q. How Is The Mounting Done For The Thermometer?

With the help of a magnetic back design, you can stick the gadget on the wall or on the fridge.

Q. How Do I Adjust The Temperature Recordings?

The infrared sensors are widely used to record the temperature of the plant. You can even set the gadget and start recording.

Q. What Is The Most Common Material Of The Thermometer?

The most common material used for the thermometer is plastic. It is easy to carry. The second-best material is the metal-frame gadget.

Q. Are Greenhouses Thermometers Waterproof?

Yes, usually, thermometers, which are mainly used for greenhouses, are waterproof. The main reason is that you never the weather outside and when you water the plant there are chances that your gadget might also get wet.


We hope that at the end of this Best greenhouse thermometer and hygrometer review, you might get what you want. We know it is hard to find a reliable gadget for your greenhouse. However, we are here with the five best products for your greenhouse. All these products are fast and dependable to keep a good track of your plant, as mentioned above. They will also help in controlling your inside temperature and humidity level to keep your environment clean.