How To Use An Edge Trimmer?

How To Use An Edge Trimmer

It is a tool used for trimming hedges and bushes but you may be wondering how to use an edge trimmer properly. It’s an electric tool that has a straight shaft, two cutting edges, and a tine or hook on one end. You hold the tool at the desired height and rotate the handle to … Read more

Which Side Of The Lawn Mower Blade Is Up?

Which Side Of The Lawn Mower Blade Is Up

lawnmowers are pretty self-explanatory, but figuring out how to properly operate them? Now that can be the tricky part, especially for first-timers. For your lawnmower to perform in tip-top shape and ensure that you get the job done, you first need to install your blades properly. Installing a lawnmower blade incorrectly can sometimes result in it not … Read more

Does Tilling Kill Weeds?

Does Tilling Kill Weeds

Is turning over your soil really tilling it? Many people think that tilling means “throwing the earth and then turning it over,” but that isn’t exactly right. When you turn your field over, you are actually mowing the ground and working it. So how is turning over the soil a benefit to your garden? What … Read more