Best Indoor Greenhouses 2023– Reviews & Buying Guide.

You may be wondering why you need to get an indoor greenhouse, but best believe that there is nothing as calming as growing your plants and food all through the year. However, it isn’t just enough to desire an indoor greenhouse; you have to go for the best indoor greenhouses to make the process easy. The major perk of having an indoor greenhouse is that you know exactly how your food was grown and if it’s fertilizer-free. This would enable you to ensure that your food is 100% healthy and natural.

Indoor greenhouses aren’t just for foods; you can also decide to grow small non-native plants. Because they are portable, you can easily fit them into tiny spaces. If you have a passion for flowers, then indoor greenhouses are the perfect solution for you.

Are you interested in growing plants and having your indoor mini greenhouse, then read on to choose the best indoor greenhouse, according to your preference?

List Of Top Best Indoor Greenhouses

1.Seven colors house Reinforced Portable Mini Greenhouse

2.Home-Complete HC-4202

3.TOOCA Mini Greenhouse 3-Tier

4.CO-Z Lean to Greenhouse

5.ENSTVER Reinforced Walk-in Greenhouse

6.SCYL Color Your Life Portable

Top 6 Best Indoor Greenhouses Product Reviews In 2023

An indoor greenhouse is a portable and generally temporary form of safety for the flowers, plants, or fruits in your garden. Having an indoor greenhouse is a relaxing hobby and a cheaper way to provide the essential nutrients you need. There are many best indoor plants you can grow in indoor greenhouses, such as lemons, oranges, tomatoes, broccoli, and many more.

If you are interested in growing flowers in your indoor greenhouses, then you can opt for geraniums, petunias, gazanias, and poinsettias, as they are all great choices. Are you interested in growing plants and having your indoor mini greenhouse, then read on to choose the best indoor greenhouse, according to your preference?

We have listed six premium mini indoor greenhouses that will likely suit all your needs. So, browse through the considerations, and buy the best indoor greenhouse for your garden.

1. Seven Colors house Reinforced Portable Mini Greenhouse Review.

Portable Mini Greenhouse

This superb indoor mini greenhouse is suitable for use by any individual. It is made of alloy steel and polyvinyl chloride. It weighs about ten pounds with a height measurement of 35.5 inches and a width measurement of 31.5, 39 inches.

It comes with four Zipped Doors and 2 Roll-Up Zipped WindowsWith this feature, you can control the light and humidity which get in the greenhouse. You can achieve this by rolling the window blinds located on the sides.

Highlighted Features

  • It is made with a heavy-duty steel frame with rust resistance. It is also resistant to corrosion, peeling, and even chipping.
  • designed with four fixed ropes that aid in ensuring stability.
  • This indoor greenhouse is built with enough room space to accommodate numerous plants. It can also contain various gardening equipment with ease.

2. Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse Review.


This is an indoor greenhouse, which is essential for most gardeners. It is made with durable shelves that provide room for your plants. It also provides enough space for your herbs, flowers, vegetables, and even seeds. It can be used both for outdoor and indoor purposes. It can be placed on your deck, basement, porch, and even your patio. Your plants can be easily protected because of their sturdy material. This is a superb garden for both professional and novice gardeners. It weighs 22.4 pounds and is one of the best sellers.

This superb greenhouse is built with eight shelves, which provide an excess room for your plant. It can also contain other items like pots or even trays for other items you might wish to plant. The Home-Complete walk-in greenhouse is very versatile because it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be placed either on your patio or even in your basement. With the use of PVC, your plants can be protected from harsh weather.

You do not require any tool to assemble this greenhouse. It can be done conveniently and swiftly without stress. It also contains a set of instruction which would guide you while you assemble it. Other additional items found in this unit are anchors, zip ties, and even a rope.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with 8 durable shelves.
  • Extreme versatility.
  • very easy to assembly and doesn’t require any technical know-how.

3. TOOCA Mini Greenhouse Review.

TOOCA Mini Greenhouse

The TOOCA mini greenhouse is an affordable way to grow your best plants, flowers, or food. It comes with an ideal environment that makes your plants’ survival less difficult because it guards them against excessive heat. This would ensure that your plants retain the adequate water needed to flourish during weather fluctuations.

This mini indoor greenhouse is an amazing way to prolong the growing season of your flowers, plants, and vegetables during winter. The TOOCA greenhouse is the perfect indoor greenhouse for herbs, as you can grow whatever herb you desire, such as rosemary, parsley, chives, thyme, and sage. Just a quick reminder, herbs bloom better during summer.

Highlighted Features

  • It features a sturdy iron frame, which is very durable and suitable for long-term use.
  • The TOOCA mini-greenhouse comes with two ribbon ties to make sure the door stays open. This feature makes watering and ventilation very easy.
  • Regardless of its firm and sturdy frame, the TOOCA greenhouse is easy to set up and break down. You can easily set it up with your kids because it doesn’t require the use of any tools.

4. CO-Z Lean to Greenhouse Walk-in, Portable Mini Green House Review.

CO-Z Lean to Greenhouse Walk-in, Portable Mini Green House Review.

If you are searching for a walk-in greenhouse, but your preference is something small, then the CO-Z greenhouse is the perfect choice for you. This walk-in kit is an easy option because it only occupies a small space. You can place it against your porch, and you are well on your way to starting an enchanting garden this year.

When placed at its peak, the CO-Z greenhouse measures a full seven feet in height and a 3.3 by 6.6-foot size. It features a rust-resistant frame, which protects it from excessive water in case of a heavy downpour. It also comes with two zippers on the opposite ends, which comes in handy during hot weather.

Highlighted Features

  • comes with a three-tier planting rack.
  • The CO-Z greenhouse features ground stakes to ensure stability.
  • features a cover that allows sun rays to pass through without wilting the plants.

5. ENSTVER Reinforced Walk-in Greenhouse with Window Review.

ENSTVER Reinforced Walk-in Greenhouse with Window Review.

This is one of the best indoor greenhouses if you intend to grow your small garden. It features an improved reinforce PE cover, way stronger and durable than the average PVC, and this would help reinforce the frame of your garden while giving ample room for your flowers to flourish. The ENSTVER greenhouse comes with pegs, which increases your greenhouse’s stability and firmness in case of heavy wind.

It is very easy to set up and also dis-assemble. Also, you can easily move or store it, depending on the season. It comes with three windows, which allow proper ventilation. This feature is important because adequate ventilation helps to promote healthy and strong growth.

The ENSTVER greenhouse features a solid powder-coated tubular steel frame, and this comes with twelve shelves. So, you can easily put your flowers out on display whenever you feel the need to.

Highlighted Features

  • comes with a reinforced PE cover.
  • It’s has a steel frame with a green powder coating.
  • ENSTVER greenhouse comes with a roll-up zippered door on either side to allow air circulation.
  • The greenhouse has 12 removable mesh shelves.

6. SCYL Color Your Life Portable Mini Plant Greenhouse Review.

SCYL Color Your Life Portable Mini Plant Greenhouse Review.

The SCYL greenhouse comes with a sturdy-crafted garden bed that features 12 divisions, which can be used to grow seeds.

Also, its portability and easy installment is another feature that most homeowners love about this greenhouse. It features a strong push-in iron frame that can be used to cover up plants that you can’t change from their positions.

Due to its power coated heavy steel and stable framework, it is very unlikely to get shaky by turbulent winds.

Highlighted Features

  • features a strong PE cover making it very durable.
  • It’s has a steel frame with a green powder coating.
  • The SCYL greenhouse comes with a garden bed appropriate for growing seeds.
  • It comes with a steady and stable framework.

Where Should You Put Your Indoor Greenhouses?

With every garden comes different climate conditions, so to give your plants the best chances at survival, you need to follow these unique conditions.

Ideally, it would be best if you positioned your greenhouse to have direct access to sunlight. Although artificial lights can sometimes be managed, it doesn’t equate the benefits of natural sunlight. The best position for your indoor greenhouse is the south side of your home because that’s the location that gets the most sunlight from fall to winter.

Generally, you are to place your indoor greenhouse where it would get plenty of sunlight – next to a south-facing door/window. Hence, it would help if you didn’t place it underneath tall trees or buildings, as they would greatly limit the amount of sunlight exposure your plants would get.

Lastly, you should also place it closer to the house, so it would be easier for you to nip out vegetables while cooking in the kitchen. In addition to that, you should position it close to a water tap.

Indoor greenhouses with grow light can also be used as a supplementary light to sunlight, but they only operate for few hours a day.

How to Choose Best Indoor Greenhouses – Complete Buying Guide

It would surely not be a pleasant sight if you are to come back and see that all the crops in your indoor greenhouse have died after extreme weather. This is why you are to be extremely careful when getting a greenhouse. If you want to get professional about gardening, it is imperative that you choose your greenhouse carefully. This guide is filled with all the things you need to know before you buy an indoor greenhouse.

These are the most important things to consider when choosing the best indoor greenhouse;

  • Frame: The durability of your greenhouse is also determined by the type of frame it has. Each frame material has its merits and demerits. You can choose from aluminum, steel, plastic resin, or wood. Steel frames are the most robust but can be challenging to handle; so, you would need an extra hand. Wood frames are the classy option; they can easily absorb moisture and are easier to break down.
  • UV Protection: Without a doubt, your greenhouse won’t last long if you opt for a covering that does not have UV protection. Plastics need a protective coating from the sun as the rays could be very harmful to them. For example, a regular plastic that does not have protection could last for about a year, while one with a protective coating could last for about ten years.
  • Panel Clarity: You might be among the people that want that element of mystery for their greenhouse, or you might want your indoor greenhouse to be fully see-through. However, carefully decide on how your panels should be. It is recommended that you opt for a clear panel for your indoor greenhouse as this would ensure that more light gets in, resulting in improved photosynthesis. They are also better for taller plants. Diffused light provides the exact type of light needed for photosynthesis; this light is more compact and balanced as it comes in from all sides.
  • Insulation: When selecting an indoor greenhouse, you need to choose the type of insulation based on the kind of weather that you live in. For example, you can save up on artificial heating by opting for thicker insulation if you live in a colder region. The level of insulation your indoor greenhouse is provided with is also determined by the type of covering you choose. A single-layered polyethylene film, for instance, will provide less insulation than a twin-wall polyethylene. On that same note, polycarbonate fiber offers better insulation than glass, as the glass needs to be double-layered to keep in the heat.
  • Ventilation: A lot of plants experience failure just for the fact that there is excess heat in a greenhouse. So, you have to ensure that the greenhouse inside your home is well ventilated. This is so that the warm air can be retained if there is cold outside. Also, it would let out the warm air if the temperature outside is hot.It is also important that you ensure your indoor greenhouse has sufficient vents that can be opened. Also, you can opt to add exhaust fans.
  • Size: It is for a fact that the size of your potential greenhouse matters. It all depends on the vision you have. You could go for one that would not really take up too much space inside, or opt for one big enough to accommodate a lot of plants. You can opt for a smaller greenhouse if you are not all that into gardening. However, a sizable indoor greenhouse would be great for growing plenty of crops. You can opt for mini-greenhouses if you don’t have large gardening needs or don’t have a lot of space.

Final Verdict

Buying the best indoor greenhouse is possible if you have extensive knowledge of what’s important. Having a greenhouse inside your compound is a great way to add your décor while also making you feel relaxed in your own space.

Indoor Greenhouses FAQs

Can You Have A Greenhouse Indoors?

It is possible to have a greenhouse inside your house. It is designed for people that are not blessed with a backyard, and it still provides all the benefits of gardening. You don’t need to worry about space for your indoor greenhouse as it is easy to build, can be moved around without any hassle, and does a regular greenhouse job.

Do Greenhouse Gases Cause Global Warming?

Carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas that majorly contributes to global warming (53%). Secondly, methane has a 15% effect on global warming. Halogenated compounds and tropospheric ozone have an 11% effect on global warming. Finally, nitrous oxide also contributes about 11% in total to global warming.

Are Mini-greenhouses Any Good?

Yes, mini-greenhouse can be quite effective. because they provide a controlled environment for plants and protecting them from harsh weather conditions and pests. Small greenhouse is very good for which have small spaces or who are a individuals with limited gardening experience.

Do Greenhouses Work In Winter?

Yes, greenhouse can work in the Winter. Because they are well designed to maintain controlled environment for plants, provide warm and protection from cold temperature. Various heating methods, and temperature systems confirm that plant can thrive during Winters.

Should I Leave My Greenhouse Door Open?

It is advisable that you keep your greenhouse door open as ventilation is as important as light and heat for greenhouses. The plastic greenhouses can get really hot, even on cool days. The circulation of air is needed by your plants as they use the air differently than humans. If you leave your greenhouse enclosed too long, it might lead to condensation and pest problems.