Best Tools To Dig A Trench Definitive Guide and Reviews In 2023

If you’re looking for the best tools to dig a trench, we’ll let you in on our top picks for every landscaping task. We have compiled ten of the products that had made their mark last year and have continued to do so up to now in 2021, and we hope that this guide proves beneficial on your end.

Last year, the quarantine forced us all to spend more time in our homes, and it has given us more time to work on our plants and landscaping as therapy. Now, many have actually taken this task seriously and are now in the quest to upgrade their gardening arsenal so they can improve their garden and do so in the quickest way possible. We totally understand this struggle.

We all want to want to get the job done effectively and efficiently and avoid wasting time with the wrong tools, which is why we need to equip ourselves with only the best. Given that soil and earth can easily erode and topple over, creating trenches with refined edges can be quite the challenge. With that, we will as well give you some trench digging hacks that can make the process cost-effective and time savvy. Let’s begin.

Should you need assistance, we then recommend leaping forward to our buying guide that lists important things to think about when buying a Tools To Dig A Trench.

The Best Ten For Your Trenching Needs

 In this section, we will be introducing the top picks that made work more convenient and efficient for us, amateurs, and experts alike. We have also gone over many reviews to see if these products have indeed worked for others, and they have, which is why we are eager to share them with you.

This list includes tools from shovels and spades to motorized trenchers – each with varying budgets and features, so it’s a guarantee that you can find one that suits your needs and preferences. That being said, these market favorites can easily get you more engaged in planting and landscaping because of how much ease they introduce to the task—no need for you to exert too much effort where it’s unnecessary. Get a tool that gets the job done. With that, here is our best ten.

1. Bully Tools 82510 Gauge Round Point Shovel.

Gauge Round Point Shovel.

The way all Bully Tools are made with high-quality, durable materials and top skill craftsmanship, their shovels bring more use than the usual hefty shovel. This 100% American product was specially designed with strength and efficiency in mind, so it can come in handy for landscaping and construction projects.

Highlighted Features

– The blade is made of commercial-grade alloy steel.
– The triple walled fiberglass handle has wooden reinforcement.
– This round point shovel has a closed-back design for easier cleaning.
– It has a D-grip handle made with no-break Polypropylene.
– Has a welded I-beam support and an extended ferrule.
– Steel alloy head material can be easily sharpened for better performance

Good Sides:

  • An ideal working tool for light landscaping projects.
  • The trench shovel head doesn’t bend easily.
  • The blade is relatively thicker than other products of the same metal gauge.
  • It is strong enough to pierce through hard or frozen soil.
  • The product has just the right weight and can be comfortably gripped.

Bad Sides:

  • The product’s shovel blade may need more sharpening.
  • Some crafted features are quite burly or inadequately welded.

Overall, this is a product that is designed to be durable and has crafted crevices that are easy to clean and free from embedded dirt and gunk as it aids you in your task. It is relatively affordable and is resistant to bending. However, the only downside is how the components may not be securely fastened or welded.

2. Rhino USA Digging Dirt.

Digging Dirt

This Digging Dirt set comes with a high grade folding trench shovel, a multipurpose e-tool, and a reliable carrying case. Each component of this set is fit for survival and construction use, making it one of the best tools to dig a trench.  Another great thing about choosing this product is that every purchase is in support of a small family business run by a father and his sons in California.

Highlighted Features

Highlighted Features

– This folding shovel can be re-assembled as a pickaxe.
– The set comes with an e-tool made of powder-coated carbon steel.
– It is designed military-style for enhanced toughness.
– The shovel comes with an adequate weight.
– Handle allows for a firm grip for increased ease of use.
– The construction of these products is well-crafted and intricately detailed.

Good Sides:

  • Products are made with rigid and sturdy material.
  • It is designed to be lightweight and compact.
  • This product is ideal for tree planting activities.
  • It can be easily tucked into the car for travel.
  • This compact set and folding shovel saves space when stored.

Bad Sides:

  • This trench digger is not the best for heavy-duty work.
  • The sawtooth side is blunt and may need occasional sharpening.

For the most part, Rhino USA is already known for designing and crafting military-grade power sports accessories and survival tools that are top quality and reasonably priced. This product is one of their best. If you’re looking for a household or survival tool, this may work for you.

3. Bully Tools 92251 Round Lawn Edger.

Round Lawn Edger.

Among the best tools to dig a trench is from Bully Tools Round Lawn Edger, which can ideally penetrate the soil without much effort. Made with quality craftsmanship and commercial grade material, this product can be passed on to new generations because of its endurance and performance.

Highlighted Features

– All-around insecticide.
– Efficient and reliable.
– The worst enemy of termites.
– Applicable for both outdoor and indoor use.
– Professional grade product.

Good Sides:

  • This tool is ideal for precise trench or edge works.
  • This is beneficial for residential and commercial projects.
  • The design of the shovel head keeps the work clean and quick.
  • This best trench digging shovel is recommended for soil transfer and placement.

Bad Sides:

  • The pure steel shovel head is not ideal for penetrating clay soil
  • The rubber handle is easily removed

In summary, this product comes in handy to many homeowners in need of lawn edge trimmings and maintenance. Although it may come as too pricey for most, this 100% American made product can be an effective addition to any home, thus making it a worthwhile investment.

4. Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel.

Mini D Handle Shovel.

If you’re looking for a digger with efficiency and versatility, you can rely on this Mini Handled Shovel from Bond Manufacturing. With this around, you can expect the moving and lifting of materials to be more manageable. The product also comes with a practical size that allows it to fit narrow spaces requiring some trench work.

Highlighted Features

– This product is made with high-grade powder-coated steel.
– Shovelhead and shaft are resistant to corrosion.
– The shovel head is also heat-tempered.
– The blade’s sharpened edges are good for soil surface penetration.
– It has a non-slip fiberglass handle for increased comfort when used.
– It also works as a conduit trenching shovel on construction sites.

Good Sides:

  • The compact design allows this trench shovel to fit every nook and cranny.
  • The lightweight handle assists in digging and moving work.
  • The shovel head is not easily bendable.
  • The product comes with the right thickness and curvature.
  • It works as a great companion to camps and other outdoor activities.

Bad Sides:

  • This is not the ideal choice for heavy-duty work or heavy transfer.
  • The shovel head may be smaller than expected.

In summary, this is one of the more affordable options on this list that doesn’t compromise quality, and you may find this well serves your purpose without you needing to break the bank. Bond Manufacturing is also known for its excellent customer service, so you can rely on their assistance to be swift and accommodating.

5. BLACK+DECKER LE750 Edger & Trencher.

Black Decker Edger

The best way to dig a trench for electrical wire is with this 12-amp motor edger and trencher from one of the industry’s household brands. This well-recommended staple for landscape designers and gardeners can cut through tough turf and finesse you some clean soil borders effortlessly.

Highlighted Features

– This comes with a high torque motor.
– It can work through the overgrowths and guarantees clean earth edges.
– The product comes with a pull-up guide that allows you to convert its use from edger to trencher.
– It comes with a blade depth adjustment in three positions to give you better control of the outcome

Good Sides:

  • It’s a must-have if you do landscaping as a business.
  • This trench digger comes with assist handles that make work easier.
  • Product assembly does not require tools and is hassle-free.
  • Using this guarantees faster work on tree and plant beds.
  • It doesn’t require gas or strings when used.
  • Blade replacements for the product are relatively affordable.

Bad Sides:

  • The recent model has underwhelming features.
  • This may be too costly for beginners.

In summary, if you already know how to dig a trench, and you want to go all out with all the digging and bordering, then this product may be what you need. It also works well in construction and landscaping when making trenches for outdoor lighting wires, conduits, and piping.

6. WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher.

Electric Lawn Edger

Designed to last and give you the bang for your buck, this product from Worx is a great choice for those who already know how to dig a trench and prefer to have the outcome look more professionally done.

Not only is it great for landscape work, but it can also come in handy at construction sites where you might work on digging trenches for water pipe and conduits, making it a great companion.

Highlighted Features

– Comes with either a 12 amp and a 5.5 amp motor, this edger – trencher spins its blade at 4700 revolutions, making the lines and edges look professional and clean.
– The product shaft comes with 3 depth adjustments, allowing the user to work comfortably, thus efficiently.
– This comes with two blade sizes, 7.5″ and 15″, and it is guided with a cutting line indicator that keeps the lines and edges straight and refined.
– The product is also ideal for invisible fencing and making lines for boundary wires, and defining landscape work along paths and driveways.

Good Sides:

  • It is lightweight and easily maneuvered across turf and grasses.
  • The assembly comprises simple screws and locks.
  • The product comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • The brand also offers great customer assistance.

Bad Sides:

  • The product is not as effective with overgrown turf and rough terrain.
  • The backside of the shroud can cause a slowing movement.

In summary, this is one of those do-it-yourself products that make home improvement seem more fun, easily making it one of the best tools to dig a trench and clean landscaped edges.

7. Fiskars D-handle Square Garden Spade.

D-handle Square Garden Spade.

If you’re looking for the ideal tool for both edging and digging a trench for water pipe, conduits and wire, then you’re in luck with this one. A practical beauty, this best spade shovel from Fiskars gets the job done, and it won’t cost you a lot. Its high-quality material and durable design can get you through the struggles of tough turf and hard soil, making it one of the best tools to dig a trench.

Highlighted Features

– The product allows for two-handed control and easy maneuverability.
– The shovel head steel construction is made with 14-gauge welded hardened metal, while the shaft is made of 18-gauge steel
– It is powder-coated for increased resistance to corrosion.
– It is as well a great companion for brickwork or leveling the earth.

Good Sides:

  • The product is easy to clean, maintain, and store.
  • The blade is sharpened for quicker soil penetration and cleaner cuts.
  • It is great for heavy-duty digging and edge cutting.
  • This is handy when cutting vines and stray branches.

Bad Sides:

  • Some products may have a misaligned handle
  • This is not the best option for curved trenches or edges.

Overall, this spade comes with just the right weight and height and is an all-around useful companion, making it a staple in a gardener’s kit. Although it is not the best for transfers, it is effective in smaller spaces.

8. Radius Garden 22011 Shovel.

Radius Garden 22011 Shovel

At first glance, this shovel is quite the doozy. Not only does it look intense with its serrated edges, but it is also known to get the job done effectively. The Root Slayer shovel doesn’t only eliminate pesky roots that ruin your landscaped edges and trenches; it can significantly make garden tasks easy with its multipurpose design.

Highlighted Features

– The Radius Garden razor blade is made with durable powder-coated carbon steel.
– The product can withstand impact and corrosion.
– It promises reduced fatigue in work with its sharpened and serrated edge design.
– This V-shaped garden shovel also works great as a trench digger.
– This trench digger is also designed with a wide area for foot placement.

Good Sides:

  • The blade of this product is resistant to bending
  • It can saw through straying roots.
  • A sharpened tip can cut through roots in smaller areas.
  • This is the best option for landscape reclaiming projects.

Bad Sides:

  • It only has a lifetime warranty to areas within the US continent.
  • The handle is only made of plastic and is easily damaged.

In summary, if you’re well-versed in how to dig a trench or maintain your garden, this tool is ideal for making your work more refined, without you having to go beyond your budget. It also has a unique design that allows you to use it on other tasks.

9. Fiskars D-handle Square Garden Spade:

Fiskars D-handle Square Garden Spade:

Another product from Fiskars gets included in this list, and this spade effectively pairs verticality with functionality. This transplanting spade is an ideal garden companion if you’re big on maintaining your flora. Although this one isn’t specifically made for straight line trenches and edges, this can still qualify as a trench digger for more narrow areas.

Highlighted Features

Highlighted Features

– This spade head is made of a powder-coated 14-gauge steel blade.
– The 18-gauge steel shaft is strongly welded into the head.
– Its large D-shaped handle allows for two-handed maneuvering.
– It is ergonomically designed to secure your grip without the use of gloves.
– The spade head aids soil penetration

Good Sides:

  • Efficiently exterminates more than 30 types of pests.
  • Safe insecticide for vegetables.
  • One bottle makes up over 30 gallons of finishes vegetable garden bug spray.
  • Very low water solubility.
  • It doesn’t leach into the water supplies.

Bad Sides:

  • It doesn’t work most effectively on all scorpions.
  • Not a specialized botanical insecticide.

In summary, this is an ideal tool for transplanting and material transfer without compromising user control and comfort. Although it is effective, the dilemma begins when customer assistance is needed.

10. AMES 2672100 Aluminum Scoop.

AMES 2672100 Aluminum Scoop.

Practical and straightforward, this trench shovel from AMES guarantees to get you through the struggles of heavy-duty work in both construction and landscaping. It’s American made quality reassures users that they will get their money’s worth. In fact, it is built best for a large soil scoop and material movement.

Highlighted Features

– This best shovel for digging is made of high-grade aluminum alloy.
– It is rustproof and resistant to bending.
– Its hardwood handle has an ergonomic D-shape and allows for a firm grip.
– Its sharpened edges aid in easy soil and turn penetration.
– It has a shorter shaft that lets you focus on a specific working area

Good Sides:

  • This is one of the affordable and straightforward options f.
  • It is great for shoveling loose dirt or material like wood ships, cracked stone, etc.
  • Its shovel head is resistant to wear and impact.
  • Usage guarantees reduced fatigue because of its wide head.

Bad Sides:

  • This is not made for clay and snow but may work for ice patches.
  • The product design doesn’t look high quality.

In summary, this can surely get your landscape work in line without you having to break the bank. If you’re looking for something simple that gets the job done, this one is for you.

Best Tools to Dig a Trench: An In-Depth Buying Guide

When looking for the most suited of the best tools to dig a trench or refine edges, you may need to look into these basic considerations that you have to look into before cashing in on the purchase.

#Time Resource:

To get the job done at the soonest possible time, it is important that you look for a tool that is effective and efficient. However, this does not mean you have to invest in a premium product on the dot, leading us to the next point.

#Project Frequency:

If it is a home project and a relatively manageable lawn that you maintain yourself, you may not need to shed the bucks for an expensive tool. However, if you have large and many properties that need a lot of trench work to be done, you may need to get your money ready. We also recommend you invest in the costly motorized ones if you have this as a business.


Some may opt for shovels and spades to avoid the hassle of cleaning and replacing motorized trenchers’ blades. Then again, the tool’s material composition, especially the surface, can easily determine if it’s easy to clean or not.

#Project Difficulty:

Simple laying out of wires, pipings, and conduits can be prepared with a simple shovel. The tricky part begins when there are spatial constraints, wherein you may need to produce a trench in a narrow area, so you may need to look into that before buying the product.

What Is The Fastest Way To Dig A Tern.

Trenches are usually made as a preparation for laying out wires, piping, and conduits. This is a task that requires specific tools for it to be done properly with a refined finish. With that, the best way to dig conduit trench lines is to loosen the hard soil first. Shovels can do this job, but you may need to pull the soil from the bottom of the trench, which is already narrow space. Pickaxes and grub hoes may be helpful in this process. Once the line is made, you can start refining the edge by placing the excess soil to the trench’s sides then applying enough compacting pressure. Here are some FAQs which generally users asked

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Are All Shovels Useful In Digging A Trench?

Any spade or shovel can be used as a trench digger, but the best types are the ones that allow you to work at the ground level.

Can You Use A Chainsaw To Dig A Trench?

You can use other tools to dig, and a chainsaw can do the job. However, chainsaws are not made for this task, and it may cause damage to the tool in the long run.

How Long Does It Take To Dig A Trench With A Trencher?

The length of time for this type of work may vary from how long the trench line is to the trench’s width and depth. The type of soil may also contribute to either the ease or the difficulty of the task. However, it may take around 30 minutes to an hour – longer if you use a shovel or a spade on average.

How Long Will It Take To Dig A Trench?

As compared when using a trencher, digging a trench manually may take you hours, depending on how complicated the task is. On average, you may finish in an hour to three.

How Many Feet Per Minute Will A Trencher Dig?

Estimation of one to 30 feet can be cut and dug by a trencher per minute.

Will A Trench Digger Cut Through Tree Roots?

Although it has the capacity to cut through tree roots, it may eventually damage the blades and create cutting problems. It is recommended that you use shovels or spades with sharpened edges to cut through any stray roots, vines, or branches before using the trencher.

Can A Trencher Cut Through Gravel?

This will depend on the size of the trencher blades, but a regular-sized one will be able to cut through a gravel bed without much kickback.

Final Verdict:

Indeed there are many ways to dig a trench and keep the edges refined. It may even take a long time to master the proper way it should be done, but getting the right tools for the job can significantly lighten the workload. It can as well reduce your working time and save your resources.

That being said, we hope that this guide has been of help in narrowing down your choice among the best tools to dig a trench. Just remember that although these products have worked for many, always take it upon yourself to go over other review materials and learn more about how they can work for you. Happy landscaping!