Can You Put A Mulching Blade On Any Mower?

Can You Put A Mulching Blade On Any Mower?

Yes, you can actually put a mulching blade onto any lawnmower. However, to install a mulching blade onto a lawnmower, the actual blade must be able to properly fit into the deck and be secure enough. Not all lawn mowers are equipped with a mulching blade because of low-powered engines, poor deck design, or improper installation. Below are the most important facts about mulching blades for your consideration.

Both John Deere and Toro will offer mulching units that fit onto most standard lawnmowers. Both brands produce models specifically for winter users and those that only accept attachments for fall seasons. The Toro model of the mulching blade fits between the cutting deck and the mulching chamber.

This mulching blade is available as a slide-on unit that is removed by unscrewing the bolt that attaches it to the deck, and a separate, heavier-duty chute that must be accessed with a ladder.

Mulching Blade On Any Mower

The Chute (or secondary shock absorbing) is part of the attachment system for some models of the mulching blade for John Deere and Toro and is usually accessible via the lower shock-absorbing plate.

These are permanently affixed to most lawn mowers, but they can be removed to access the blades. Some other brand names of attachment systems for these two standard lawnmowers include Smeg, Culligan, and Eureka. The primary discharging chute is located in the rear of the machine, while the discharge chute for either side discharges the cut grass into a hopper. Many mowers have both side discharging and primary discharging systems.

You can put the blades on any lawnmower provided that you can remove the existing blades before installing the new blade. Older models of gas and electric mulching mowers do not contain blades that can be changed out. 

The best solution to this problem would be to replace the existing blades with new ones. Some gas and electric mulching lawnmowers come with the option of replacing the blades on their own. However, since this requires unscrewing the hood and removing the gas or battery, this may not be an easy task for the average homeowner.


Another way to install a mulching blade without removing the existing blades is to purchase a mulching kit. A lawn mower mulching kit can include the necessary tools for the job. They usually include a height-adjustable screwdriver with long screws, a nylon cutting line, a blade chute, and a rubber cutting line to help ensure the safety of your workers. The blades will then be fastened onto the chute by being screwed on through the nylon line. The blades are easily removed by simply undoing the screw screws.

Two different styles of blades are available for use with most mulching mowers. One style is the side discharging blade. The other is the front air-powered blade. The advantage to the side discharging system is that the user can easily empty the grass clippings by simply turning the handle of the lawnmower. This system does require that the lawnmower is turned on, but the advantage is that the blades do not need to be cleaned.

The front air-powered system, on the other hand, requires that the lawnmower is turned on, and then the blades must be emptied before replacing the grass clippings in the collector bag. This method of grass mulching blades is much more expensive than the side discharging blade type.


Finally, choosing the right mulching blade is critical for achieving a clean and uniform cut. Mulching blades are the most effective alternative since they are intended to produce finer grass clippings that disintegrate fast and nourish the lawn. Lawn aficionados may enjoy a healthier, more lush yard with the appropriate blade in hand.


The Difference Between Regular Blades and Mulching Blades ?

While best mulching blades are made to cut grass and then finely chop the clippings, which are then spread back onto the lawn as natural fertilizer, regular blades are made to cut grass and discharge the clippings.

What Is a Mulching Kit ?

A mulching kit is a lawn mower mulcher attachment that comprises specialized mulching blades as well as a stopper to seal off the discharge funnel. It enables the mower to cut and finely chop grass clippings, which are subsequently redistributed as natural fertilizer back onto the lawn.

What blade is best for mulching ?

The best blade for mulching is a mulching blade. It’s specifically designed with curved edges that keep the grass clippings circulating for a finer and more even cut.