Can A Lawn Mower Blade Fly Off?

The fly is one of the most annoying things I have leveraged. Why? Because it hovered, almost provokingly, above the ground .waiting for someone to toss something else into its path. I finally threw a stick into the hole and made it out of there.

lawnmower blade, on the other hand, flies out the very moment I release the spindle. Why only a moment? Because I was waiting for my “load” to arrive. The moment the blade hits the ground (or ground patch) it will not wick up and go away. It will not release and start searching for nourishment. The blade is still in the hole.

I consider myself lucky not to have cut my hand on the blade. Maybe next time. But not today. And this brings us to the issue of safety. Is it really safe to handle a lawnmower blade this way? Should I be worried about this happening to me?

a lawn mower

Well, I checked the manufacturer’s manual before I left for the trip. Here is a sample:

It reads, “The handle of the mower is made of plastic.”I assumed that the plastic part referred to the handle. Not sure how “made of” plastic would describe the rest of the utensil. The description of the utensil as a “handle” would have to be referring to the part that is held in the hand.

I read, “The body of the mower is made of metal.” Again not sure how the metal would describe the rest of the utensil. But the description “battery operated” does describe the operation of the entire utensil.

So, does this mean that the handle features a locking device on it to prevent the blade from turning while it is standing? No. Again, the description “battery operated” does not change the “operated” part.

So, why is the handle part of the utensil so unusual? Was the maker some sort of ornament maker? Well, wouldn’t a handle like this be equivalent to a neck chain? Perhaps instead of a chain, we should be looking at something like a seat belt?

Perhaps this design was not complete as it could have just been a standard flat bowl. The manufacturer could have simply chosen a handle shape that would fit any type of basket. The flatness of the bowl may have given the impression that it is easier to handle.

Yet another possibility, which would explain the handle shape, is that the manufacturer may have selected a shape because it was the easiest shape to produce. There would be no reason to make a larger version of the type they already had.

The dimensions of the utensil indicate that it is a spork. spoon-like handles are quite common on sporks. Since hunters and fishermen have been using sporks for the same purpose for centuries, it stands to reason that the spork is an appropriate shape for this piece of equipment.

This certainly explains the selectability of the spork. Who knows? The manufacturer could have designed the spork with a Maker’s number 8 on the handle. Of course, no one will ever know unless someone who actually did the work is inventorying for some reason. See more about Lawn Edger Under $100.

If you have a problem with the spork, which has proven very difficult to get smooth enough for your mouth to “breathe” properly, you may wish to try a small pocket knife. Certainly, the knife will be somewhat smaller than the “normal” knife, but it may solve the problem. Smaller wedges do cause more trouble than larger wedges.

The knife and spork are simple operators. You may not have noticed on your many travels how easy it is to operate a knife and spork. Simply place the point of the knife into the fold of the spork, and you have an instant opener. To clear the path, you can apply a small amount of pressure with either hand to the unzipped side.

The beauty of the cutlery combination is that you can use one hand to hold the knife and the other to hold the spork. In the event that you forget how to open and close the knife, you can use the left or right side of the spork to perform these functions. Note that if you selected a knife that has a break-point, such as the Hawksfoot or BK2, you can open and close it with one hand.

Although historical in design, the modern metal handle of the spork provides much more comfort than the wood or stone handles that were so popular a hundred years ago.

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